Knjižnica Mirana Jarca Novo mesto Skozi stara mestna vrata, v svet prihodnosti, znanja in igranja

Knjižnica in begunci iz Ukrajine


Шановні українці!


На вас чекають у бібліотеці, де у вас є можливість проводити час і спілкуватися один з одним. можливість:

Працівники бібліотеки допоможуть знайти інформацію, надрукувати тощо…


Для користування комп'ютером, читання газет, грання з дітьми в дитячій кімнаті реєструватися не потрібно.

Для користування послугами бібліотеки, потрібно зареєструватися по посвідченню персональною особи.

Брати з собою для тимчасового користування книжки, журнали, музичні диски, настільні ігри - безкоштовно.


Місце знаходження: Rozmanova ulica 28, 8000 Novo mesto
Понеділок- п'ятниця 7.00-19.00, Суббота 8.00-13.00, Неділя – вихідний




Welcome to the library!


Our library is a bright and cozy place, where you have the opportunity to spend time and communicate with each other. It is warm and welcoming, offering services and materials for all ages and the opportunity to communicate with compatriots and share information with each other.

For pre- and school children there is an opportunity to:

Library staff will help you find information, print, etc.


You do not need to register to use the computer, read newspapers, books or play with children at the children's department in the library. To use other the services of the library and to borrow items from the library (books, magazines, CDs, board games, etc.) you need to register with an identity card to obtain a library user card. Registration is free of charge.


Location: Rozmanova ulica 28, 8000 Novo mesto
Monday-Friday 7.00-19.00, Saturday 08.00-13.00, Sunday ‒ closed



Information on the Use of Miran Jarc Public Library Novo mesto


1. Welcome to the library

You can visit our library free of charge. You can also use our stock of items free of charge in the

rooms of our library.

If you would like to use more services, you will need a user card.

With your user card you can:

For more information please consult the library staff.


Locations of our library:
Knjižnica Mirana Jarca Novo mesto
Rozmanova ulica 28, 8000 Novo mesto
Tel.: 07/ 393 46 00

Knjižnica Šentjernej

Trubarjeva cesta 13, 8310 Šentjernej
tel: 07/ 393 13 72

Knjižnica Straža

Pod Srobotnikom 4, 8351 Straža
tel: 07/ 38 47 510

Knjižnica Dolenjske Toplice
Zdraviliški trg 8, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice
tel: 07/ 30 65 346

Knjižnica Dvor
Dvor 23d, 8361 Dvor
tel.: 07/ 30 88 452

Knjižnica Škocjan
Škocjan 35, 8275 Škocjan
tel: 07/ 30 77 840


2. Registration

To receive a user card you must register in the library. You register in person or online.

For refugees registration is free of charge.

The user card may only be used by the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for the

consequences of misuse of the user card by unauthorized persons.


2.1 Documents required

For registration purposes, please submit to us an ID card (e.g. passport, residence permit, temporary residence permit). For children under 15 years of age a custodian assumes liability by signing.


2.2 Usage fees

You can obtain information on the different fees in the library or in our website.


2.3 Changing personal data, loss of the user card

You must immediately report any changes to your personal data or the loss of your user card to

the library.


3. Internet

The internet is available for use in the library. For further information, please speak to the library



4. Use of items outside the library

4.1 Borrowing items

Items can be borrowed (and returned) at an issue desk by library staff.

In both cases you need your user card when borrowing items from a library. When borrowing an

item you receive an issue slip with the valid date by which you must return each individual item.


4.2 Loan periods

The loan periods vary for different types of items/media. You can find an overview of the loan

periods in the library on our internet website. Before borrowing an item, please assure yourself

that the selected item is in a proper condition and complete, and immediately report any damage

you find to our staff.

Borrowed items may not be passed on to third parties.


4.3 Returning items

Each borrowed item must be returned within the library before a set date. You can find information

on the latest possible date for returning each individual item on the issue slip and in your user



4.4 Extensions to loan periods

The loan period can be extended before it expires if there are no internal reasons why this should

not happen. Loan periods can be extended by telephone, personally by staff at the issue desk or

independently in your user account. Please check if the extension to your loan period has been

successful in your user account. In case of doubt, the data stored in your user account is valid.


4.5 Fines for overdue items/compensation for damaged items

If the loan period is exceeded, fines for overdue items are payable. You can find information on

the different fines in the library or in our internet website.

If items are not returned, you will be sent reminders at your own expense.

Lost or damaged items must be replaced. A fee is payable for processing details of items that

have to be replaced.


5. General information

The library is only responsible for loss or damage in cases of intent and gross negligence.

Please take other visitors into consideration during your stay in the library. Disruptive behaviour

and bringing animals into the library are not allowed. Eating and drinking are only allowed in the

rooms provided for this purpose.

Please take note of instructions from the staff.

You can find further details of the usage rules and the house rules on the relevant notices.

Our staff are available to answer any questions you might have.